About Us

Roget Scientific is an instrument platform specializing in oil analysis spectrometers and sample pretreatment, with two subsidiary brands – DITEE and GADANA.

DITEE, as the specialized oil analysis spectrometer brand under Roget Scientific, is dedicated to providing oil monitoring solutions for large-scale machinery and equipment.

DITEE, approved by the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, is an integrated company covering research, production, sales, and maintenance. The research team, rooted in the Guangdong Academy of Sciences Testing and Analysis Research Institute since the 1960s, has a deep technical background, consistently engaging in the development of spectroscopy instruments.

With a team of skilled professionals, they possess excellent problem-solving abilities, making it a top priority to meet the evolving needs of customers and striving to deliver high-quality products and services.

GADANA, Roget Scientific’s sample pretreatment brand, focuses on offering efficient and convenient sample pretreatment solutions for various industry laboratories.

GADANA, established in 2014, is an integrated enterprise in research, production, and sales. Led by renowned experts and professors, the company provides industry solutions encompassing product development, sales, after-sales, and value-added services, specializing in personalized and distinctive customer services.